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ServiceNow is gearing up to be the heartbeat of the modern enterprise.

With thousands of individual data points, user quotes, and analyst insights, the 2020 ServiceNow Insight Report brings together evidence of ServiceNow's growth and Digital Transformation investments. Download the eBook to read our insights on;

  • Why ServiceNow's platform is expanding, plus the strategic challenges that come with that growth.

  •  What Executives and Enterprise organizations are saying about the platform.

  • Data cuts by industry including healthcare, financial services, and retail. 


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The Only Global ServiceNow Research Report

Acorio saw the need in the market for original data and a full-scale analysis of ServiceNow. This year's Insight and Vision Survey garnered nearly 430 unique responses from Enterprises, IT leaders, and ServiceNow practitioners.

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How does ServiceNow adoption differ by industry?

Find out - directly from your peers - what challenges face certain industries, what KPIs leaders are tracking, and more.


What puts ServiceNow and Digital Transformation at risk?

Learn what significant barriers and risks organizations are experiencing during their strategic initiatives. 

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Who should be spearheading strategy and communication?

Find out how different roles are owning ServiceNow budgets, strategy and organization change management plans.

Get platform insights - directly from your peers. 

Energy, Mining, and Construction Company

"Our ServiceNow goal has shifted from just CMDB to the platform's uses in Asset Management and Service Management"

Healthcare Enterprise

"I wish our organization had gotten buy-in from our upper leadership prior to implementation. To this day, it's an area of struggle for us.

Education Organization

“The organizational change management has been the most difficult part. Moving our organization from a "ticketing" mindset to a Service Management mindset has been a challenge. That, along with changing priorities, makes it difficult to get traction in the organization.”